What to know when booking a banquet hall for a Chennai wedding

Every bride and groom want things to go smoothly and perfectly on their wedding day and they spend days trying to make all the necessary arrangements for their wedding. One of the most important arrangements that kickstart the wedding preparations is to book the right venue. If you are planning a Chennai wedding and looking for a banquet hall as the venue, there are a few more things to consider before you settle on a banquet hall. 

Here are the things to keep in mind before booking a banquet hall for a Chennai wedding:

Location: The location of the banquet hall is a very important factor to consider while planning a Chennai wedding. The banquet hall should be easily accessible by your guests, whether they are travelling within the city or coming into the city via the airport or railway station. It should also not be too far from your house or salon from where you will be travelling to the venue on the wedding day. Keep everyone’s convenience in mind while selecting the location of the banquet hall. 

Capacity: You can select a banquet hall that can accommodate all your guests comfortably. Make sure it is neither too crowded nor too empty for the number of guests and has adequate seating. To make sure you book a banquet hall with ideal capacity, you will also have to prepare a guest list in advance. If not an exact number, at least have a rough idea of the guests and book accordingly. 

Amenities offered: Many wedding banquet halls in Chennai offer in-house amenities such as decor, catering, DJ, accommodation for guests coming from out of town, etc. It will be easier for you to coordinate things if you select a banquet hall that offers you all these amenities in one place. You may also get a good deal if you opt for all these facilities from the same banquet hall vendor. Check for all these amenities before booking a banquet hall. 

Catering: One of the most important things to look for, while booking a banquet hall is the food and catering service they have to offer. Most banquet halls have an in-house caterer but before you make the final reservation, make sure you get a food trial and ask for customizations in the menu as per your requirements. However, if you already have some specific caterer in mind that you want to hire for your wedding, check with the banquet hall manager beforehand. Also, if you plan to serve alcohol at the wedding, make sure that the caterers at the banquet hall have the necessary licenses. 

Budget: Weddings can be an extravagant affair but that does not mean you have to spend more than the allocated budget on the banquet hall. Selecting a hall within your budget would help you in planning everything else accordingly and will not interfere with your budget for other elements of wedding planning like bridal wear, groom wear, accessories, etc. 

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