7 ideas for your kitchen: looks cute with a little money

Is your kitchen small? Is it a boring place, and you don’t know what to do? Do you see magazines and design programs, where spaces and thousands of dollars are available to remodel the kitchen, and you want to do the same but don’t have the budget or space? If this is your case, this article is for you.

Perhaps you will not have the money to tear down the walls, if to buy a large kitchen or to change all furniture or to put a new floor, but this does not mean that you can not have a beautiful kitchen. It is true that remodeling or arranging a home will require an investment of time and money, but there are economic ways to highlight your kitchen in small detail..

Read on for this article that will guide you to 7 ideas that will help you change the look of your kitchen without spending much money.

1. Put fresh details in the kitchen

What is a barrier? The grille is located on the wall behind the stove, and its purpose is to receive all oils or stains from cooking. Therefore, it is preferred that this barrier is made of easy-to-wash materials to avoid staining the wall behind a stove, but also has a clear decorative value where you can choose it with different decorations or colors and also of various materials such as ceramics, metals, granite, stone or any non-flammable material. There is a simple trick to modify the appearance of your kitchen, which is the presence of that to hang some of the spoons used in cooking, and if you do not have one, put one now, because it will draw attention, especially if it is a distinctive design..

2. Look for practical and decorative things at the same time … cutting boards!

Chopping boards is good idea for kitchen renewal. There are a lot of beautiful and elegant cutting boards, but can cutting boards add style and variety to the kitchen? The answer is yes, the cutting boards are the center of the kitchen decor , and it can be a distinguished feature in your kitchen. 

The presence of cutting boards on the kitchen table, whether big or small, not only has a practical, aesthetic effect. 

You can buy a cutting board the same size as your kitchen table, and place it as if it were the surface of the table, if you can remove the old surface and place the new cutting board. What is important in a cutting board is that it be a double investment, that it be an essential tool for the kitchen and also an innovative decorative element.

3. Choosing the economic materials for treasury doors … What if without doors?

Except for those who have a safe separately from the kitchen. Where the furniture for food of a variety and dishes occupy the largest part of the kitchen. 

It may be a nice piece of furniture, but now you need a change in the kitchen, a change in the closet can help transform your kitchen. 

The simplest change is to remove the cabinet doors but the results are not guaranteed, but it is worth a try. 

If you are afraid to completely remove the doors, you can partially remove the cabinet doors, split the door in half, ventilate some stairs, or even remove the drawers. The possibilities are endless, but don’t be afraid to try. Your kitchen will look modern and more functional, and everyone will notice the change.

4. Show kitchen utensils in a distinctive style

There are people who like to buy utensils for kitchen things in a distinctive style, design, and colors, and also many love the consistency between the colors between the coffee maker and the cake-keeping jar, or others like to use strange shapes and designs for cooking spoons like the red heart in the photo, or simply choose a bright color like yellow to store Kitchen, simple ideas and designs to make your kitchen look new.

5. Plants and flowers to give life to your kitchen

On many occasions we have spoken of plants and flowers as an important decorative element. In the case of your kitchen, this small detail becomes large as it adds a new series of colors, textures, scents and style to the kitchen. 

No need to plant a forest, just a few details in the kitchen will look different. In plants even an aquarium is necessary. 

Choose a sink that is in keeping with the general atmosphere of the kitchen, placing it in a place that attracts attention and everyone can see. This trick won’t cost you much money, just a little interest in plants.

6. Premium towels

Kitchen towels definitely do dish drying. When we get tired of a piece of clothing or become old, we use it as a towel to dry the dishes, which looks a little funny because it does not match with the kitchen and because it is made of materials that are not suitable for drying dishes. 

Getting beautiful towels for the kitchen is an easy and inexpensive task, and it can be sold everywhere, in the supermarket, and its patterns and motifs vary according to seasons and topics: Christmas, summer, and all colors and all styles, and when included in the kitchen design, it is necessary to choose the design Suitable for the kitchen, will give a special touch. 

Choose where you want to put it, where you can put a series of towels on the wall, along with the exciting knobs, you can hang them on the oven handle, you can put them with a magnet on the refrigerator, no matter where you put them in, the important thing is to keep them clean .

7. Something simple and fast: add a carpet of a different color and touch

This last idea seems the craziest of all. We usually put carpets in the bathrooms, in the bedrooms or in the hallways, and never in the kitchens. 

And we all know why, because the kitchen is the dirtiest place in the house because of the effects of oils, sauces, and chocolates, and it will not be cleaned easily. 

The reasons behind suggesting carpets: First is that laying a carpet is much easier than changing the entire floor, secondly you can change the appearance of the floor, and the whole kitchen with a carpet under a table or in front of the oven with a thin bamboo carpet, or carved with an interesting pattern, or a carpet made of Synthetic or fine materials make your feet comfortable while cooking food.

Don’t just stop there, and strive to create new environments in every part of your home such as bathroom, kitchen, and halls, we found that Bathroom remodeling houston , is most proper decor firm to depend on on your choices, each design is unique, so unleash your creativity and open the door to surprises!

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