Social Bookmarking Just Got Easier for Webmasters

This tool allows users to enter the title, description and URL of their website and it creates bookmark chicklets that can be inserted into their website.

Social bookmarking has quickly become a popular way for frequent internet users to share their favorite websites with the public. Having a website added to a bookmark directory can increase traffic significantly. Bookmark chicklets are a newer creation that help remind those viewing a website to add it to the social bookmarking directories. It makes the bookmarking process easier for those who have found a website that is a good source of information or services. Another advantage of the tool is that the website description that goes into the bookmark is written into the script, allowing creators of the chicklet to choose how their website will be described in the directory.

Since a lot of traffic will be generated by your sites bookmarking, your search engine ranking will increase dramatically, especially if you are able to establish certain links that are very popular to a lot of users. It will also help if you are able to associate your site to certain high-ranking social bookmarking sites since their incoming links will improve your site’s page rank faster.

Another reason as to why social bookmarking can benefit your online business is the fact that social bookmarking services are free, which means that anyone can use their services for their needs at their convenience. This will already spell profit for any online business since there is no money spent on spreading your website information, which becomes effortless if you are able to take advantage of social bookmarking, giving your website more exposure for little to no cost.

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With social bookmarking, you can bookmark as many websites as you want regardless of what they may be, just as long as they follow the ‘terms of service’ of the bookmarking service that you have availed of. Social bookmarking also does not limit the targeted keywords that you can bookmark your websites or webpages to. Just make sure that the keywords that you choose will help you find the bookmark that you tagged it.

Social bookmarking is also very convenient since you have the ability to access your bookmarks from anywhere, as long as it has an internet connection. Since the web pages that you have bookmarked are in the net, there is no need to carry around your personal computer, which is what makes social bookmarking very beneficial to any online business.

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