Dating Culture in China: Is It As Weird As Many Think?

Although every girl of any nationality is unique and their personal interests and outlook on life vary from one to another, there are, however, a set of rules that exists within dating culture in China.

Although not all Chinese women share those dating beliefs from China culture and tradition, dating culture in China has established itself throughout many centuries:

Chinese dating is more traditional, most girls don’t sleep around. Sleeping around with multiple people before making a relationship commitment doesn’t exist in China.

If Chinese girls start dating a man, that’s because they view him as their potential spouse based on his looks, age, education, stability, temperament, character, the ability to provide for her and her family, and many other factors.

That’s why when you see Chinese girls searching for men on online dating sites, most of them are first and foremost searching for a committed relationship. Foreigners who like young sexy Chinese girls meanwhile, don’t mind to indiscriminately sleep with many naive and innocent Chinese ladies.

But there’s one thing to keep in mind: interracial dating has its own rules as well as a moral and ethical responsibility. Foreigners should treat a Chinese girl with the same respect and dignity they would want other men to treat their own sisters or daughters.

The dating period is relatively short, you move fast into a relationship. As casual dating and casual sex in China is pretty much non-existent there, every time a Chinese woman chooses a man to date, she moves into the relationship phase very fast.

Although more and more Chinese gorgeous girls are slowly changing their views in this regard, the dating period for Chinese women is relatively short. So unless you want to proudly say, “My wife is Chinese” any time soon, think twice before entering a serious relationship with a Chinese woman.

Bonus tip: Make sure you make your intentions clear before a Chinese girl assumes you want a serious relationship from her – or you may end up hurting her feelings, and her parents won’t be happy about it. Speaking of Chinese parents…

Family is largely involved in Chinese dating culture. In the West, adults are used to the idea that they’re entitled to make their own choices about dating and marriage. In China, the family is largely involved in dating decision-making, especially for very young Chinese girls.

In traditional Chinese families, it’s a norm to set their children up with their friends’ children because Chinese parents feel more secure to hand over their child to someone they know and can trust.

That’s why it’s so essential to get your Chinese girlfriend’s parents to like you. In fact, getting approval from parents is equally important when dating Chinese and Japanese girls. 

It may take some time to win over her parents’ approval, but it’s vital for a healthy relationship or marriage with a Chinese girl.

Meeting her parents is a big deal. As a rule of thumb, no Chinese girl will ever speak about you with her mother unless she views you as her boyfriend or husband material.

So if your Chinese girlfriend is trying to set up a meeting between you and her parents, you can be sure that she’s serious about her intentions to be in a relationship with you or even marry you.

Bonus tip: you should eat everything that your Chinese girlfriend’s parents cook for you. The more food they cook you eat, the more they like you.

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