Why Should You Hire Commercial Cleaners for Cleaning Your Office?

If you own a business, you might have already known that keeping your office clean and tidy is not the same as keeping your home clean. When you are the head of the family, you can easily assign your family members to do chores to maintain your home’s cleanliness. For example, you can ask your son or daughter to take out the trash at night or for family members to take turns in washing the dishes, vacuuming the carpet, and other cleaning chores. However, it will be difficult for you to assign your employees to maintain your workplace’s cleanliness, especially if cleaning is not part of their employment contract. And hence, the best option is to hire one of the commercial cleaning services for the job. 

Everybody knows that cleanliness leads to a healthy work environment. Therefore, it is important to give the responsibility of cleaning your office to a commercial cleaning company instead of hiring independent cleaners who may or may not know what they are doing. Here are some of the benefits your office will get when you hire a team from a commercial cleaning service provider. 

  1. Spick and Span

Commercial cleaners have extensive experiences in making any office look spotless. A clean, tidy, and well-sanitised office will give a good impression to your customers. With the pandemic still remaining as a threat, it is mandatory that all the surfaces in your office are sanitised and cleaned. 

  • Good Hygiene

Commercial cleaners will also know the different chemical compounds appropriate for the different surfaces of your office. For example, some cleaning chemicals are used for cleaning wooden surfaces but may be corrosive when used on metal. Likewise, commercial cleaners will also know the appropriate chemicals to use for disinfecting your office against the pathogens and germs. In this time of COVID-19, disinfecting your office’s different surfaces is one of the best ways to prevent getting infected by the virus. 

  • Improve Workplace Morale and Production

When a commercial cleaning services company regularly cleans your office, it gives your employees the impression that you care for them enough to keep their areas clean and hygienic at all times, which will improve their morale. Likewise, when the workplace is kept clean at all times, fewer employees get sick from pathogens. With less sick employees, your production will improve. 

  • Value for Money

While hiring commercial cleaners can be an added cost for your business, the increased morale and production that your business may get is well worth the investment. 

If your business is starting up, you may not have enough budget to hire commercial cleaners as regular as you may want. However, you may hire them once a week to do a thorough cleaning. As cleaners will be arriving once every week, you may keep your workplace clean and tidy by doing the following:

  • Providing a storage area where employees can grab and use cleaning chemicals and equipment to maintain their assigned workstations. 
  • Making cleanliness into a competition by giving weekly incentives to the cleanest and well-maintained workstation. 
  • Replace workplace surfaces with materials that are easier to clean, such as non-porous wood laminates.
  • Provide wastebaskets for each workstation. The wastebaskets should be large enough to hold wastes compiled over a week until the commercial cleaners return but must be small enough to be discrete.
  • Give a schedule for employees to keep the common employee pantry and water cooler areas clean. 

If everybody in your office does their part in maintaining your office’s cleanliness, you can schedule commercial cleaning services less frequently to save more money. 

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