Kuchh Kisse Bits Pilani Canteen Se – A Beautiful Story By Chirag Khatri

This story is about Chirag Khatri, who was born in a middle class family in the city of Ujjain.

Having born in a middle class family in a mediocre town is like killing your dreams in the combined aura of mediocrity and poverty. Hence, he also followed the same track as chosen by major section of society and that was IIT JEE. After giving 2 years of his life for IIT-JEE, he got admission in BITS Pilani.
In BITS, he received MSc physics, a five-year integrated course. The specialty about this course is that on the basis of GPA of your first year, you are likely to get a branch in Engineering.Hence, all the people in the MSc had only one dream that they might get their branch changed into Computer Science so that in 5th year they can get good hefty lacs of packages in placement. Chirag also participated in that rat race and tried to get himself into Computer Science branch. His first year was pretty much same as his preparation years of JEE. Then also he was a robot, and now also he is a robot, trying to do all such things which were considered as the elite things decided by our so called society and their typical magnanimous manuscripts. He was doing all these things, not because he wanted to do but society wanted him to do, because these seemed as the pretty obvious choices.

But preparation for branch change turned out pretty worse for him. People at BITS were a little bit different, as in they used to study less and get more marks than him. So it happened that after slogging himself for first year, He was still not able to get himself enrolled in Computer Science. This was a turning point of chirag’s life. He began to introspect that he had put in more efforts then these people still he was not able to get the thing that he wanted. After pretty much self-introspection, he got an answer from the bottom of his heart that these people who got their branch changed did the thing that they are very good at and they should continue to pursue it. Then, he got to know that he need to find something in which he is very good. Something that he had like to do and after that work will no more be work. It will just be an enjoyment, a fun process. So, in simple words, he wanted to find out his passion.

He tried a lot of things in his second year which he thought are the things he wanted to pursue in his life. He was interested in politics. Hence, he contested elections in his second year. Though he lost the election, he got to know that he was not made for politics. Then, he co-founded a Startup but that Startup was a beautiful failure. After the end of second year, he had tried a lot of things and he felt that he was not able to get what he wanted. He was completely feeling lost and hopeless. By that time, he pretty much messed up with his grades as well.

After the end of his second year, he met a girl. She liked literature very much. He wrote quite a few poems for her. He had this habit of writing before 11th class, but in my 11th, 12thand 1st year, he almost lost his touch and methodology of writing. In this moment, it hit him that his pen is calling him and this is his golden opportunity to take up writing a bit seriously and he decided not to turn down this opportunity.

Whenever he use to recite his poems in front of people, they used to clap and appreciate his work. In his mind, he was well aware that he likes writing and he slowly began appreciating the fact that he was born to write. After the end of semester, that girl was not there in his life but in the span of these 6 months, he wrote for her deliberately and got to learn lot of things, about himself, writing and everything. There were a lot of people who told him that he should probably write a book. By that time, chirag was too much engrossed in his writing and therefore he decided to take this leap of faith and committed one year of his life in writing a book. After the end of one year, he completed his first book named “Kuch Kisse – BITS Pilani Canteen Se”. He sent his book to almost six publishers out of which four publishers agreed to publish his book.

The name of his book “Kuch Kisse – BITS Pilani Canteen Se” is pretty much self-explanatory. The storyline of this book originates with 5 people who meet at the college canteen to have fun and gossip initially, but with the passage of time, they start to discuss about events and tantrums centered around life, love, society and philosophy, trying hardly to question, discuss and unveil the dark secrets of our so called society and in the end they start to contemplate the seriousness of life. If you are able to read his book and appreciate the seriousness and the hypocrisy present in our society, then I think the purpose of his writing the book would be successful.
Chirag strongly believes that in life, often times we try to decide to choose the type of life that we prefer to live, but in the end it happens that life already has something pre-decided for us. The most important decision that you will ever take is to hopefully accept what life has pre-decided for you, to listen to your gut feeling and move ahead towards the path of prosperity.

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