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Hi, I’m Angelina

I have worked as a business executive for over 25 years, therefore understand the ups and downs of running a business. I allow businesses to increase their profits substantially, by working with driven and enthusiastic business owners. I achieve this by helping business owners to implement the right solutions that are appropriate to them. Ultimately, this allows business owners to make more money, develop productive teams and It also gives them more time to do things they enjoy such as go on holiday or be with family.

For 8 years, I ran my own energy efficiency business. This has been a significant achievement for me as I have been able to make the business thrive, during periods of uncertainty. Despite external negative industry factors, I am proud to admit that revenue streams of my business increased. Ultimately, this has been recognised through numerous awards. These include “Best new business in 2010 award” where I achieved a 120% increase in turnover. Additionally, national coverage was gained for being able to employ over 70 people.

I began to develop my leadership abilities at the age of 19 when working for a major travel firm in North East England. Subsequently, I was able to increase turnover by 40%, making the branch in question the most profitable in the company.

Aside from my business interests, I am the proud mother to three children: Carolyn, Layla and Matthew, who I live with along with my husband, Alun. As an expert in time management, I feel that I juggle family and work successfully. I enjoy helping young students to discover their future aspirations, in addition to developing my own professional development. I am currently supporting my daughter in her dream to be an elite athlete and love traveling outside of work.

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